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South Central Region

Tennessee, E. Arkansas, E. Missouri, S. Illinois, W. Kentucky, N. Alabama, N. Mississippi

Jeff Nerby

North Texas

Rodney Blackmon

Oklahoma, NW. Arkansas, Kansas, SW. Missouri

Gary Saunders

South East Region

Covering FL, minus the panhandle

Ron Ingle

Covering GA and Western SC

Jessica Lacerda

Alabama, Mississippi, Florida Pan Handle

Kaleb Coble

North Central Region


Duane Reusch

Ohio, Indiana, E. Kentucky, W. West Virginia, S. Missouri

Bryan Bossard

Covering KS, NE, Western MO, and Western IA

Marion Whorton

Northeast Region

Northeast Region

Corporate Headquarters

Western Region

Arizona, Las Vegas

Tom Shuey

Western Region

Corporate Heaquarters