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Our line of APP modified bitumen membranes are among the industry’s best. They are proven to provide years of waterproofing protection in even the most extreme weather conditions and are versatile enough to be used in various applications.

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Why are Bitec APP membranes better?

Simply put, materials and quality manufacturing matter. We use only the highest quality asphalt and reinforced polyester fabric and chemically bond the two using a process that ensures the strength, flexibility and elasticity necessary to provide the long-term protection.


APS-4T is a highly versatile waterproofing membrane that can be used in roofing applications, but is also suitable for use on road structures and bridges, water reservoirs, basements, and multi-story parking garages among other applications.

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APM-4.5T is a torch-applied, mineral surfaced, modified bitumen membrane that provides excellent flexibility, elasticity and puncture resistance, all critical to providing waterproofing protection.

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APM-4T provides the same benefits as APM-4.5T, but is 4 mm thick instead of 4.5 mm.

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ISA-4T is a smooth-surfaced APP membrane made from high-quality polymers manufactured to meet the typical industry standard of competitive membranes for an APP smooth membrane. It is recommended for use over substrates with minimal movement.

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Mineral Design MDA

Mineral Design MDA is available in various colors and patterns to provide designers, specifiers and building owners the ability to add colorful designs to their modified bitumen roofs.

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