Complete your Bitec roof installation with our cold process adhesive or use our trowel-grade mastic to patch and repair leaks on asphalt roofs. Our easy-to-use flashing adhesive is available as either an APP or SBS compound.


IM-Prime is a polymer emulsion-based primer designed to improve the adhesion of self-adhered membranes. IM-Prime is applied to cinder block, concrete, OSB, plywood, DensGlass Gold®, Securock, DensDeck® Prime and prepared metal surfaces.



PMA-2000 is a cold-applied, trowel-grade mastic with excellent low temperature flexibility used for patching and repairing leaks on asphalt roofs. It can also be used for new flashing installations.



PMA-186 is a cold process adhesive for use in the installation of SBS modified bitumen cap sheets, base sheets and flashings. It provides superior sag resistance and excellent weathering characteristics.



Compaflash is an easy-to-use flashing compound for walls, pitch pans, pipe penetrations or any areas that are difficult to seal. Available as either an APP or SBS compound.



ElastoPav is a 100% solids, one part, moisture cured, flashing system that includes a sealant and a pourable flashing membrane. It bonds to nearly any substrate and is safe to use.

Technical Datasheet

Asphalt Primer 41

Asphalt Primer 41 is a non fibered asphalt primer that meets all ASTM D41 requirements.

Datasheet SDS

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