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MINERAL DESIGN represents a premium product with unique mineral color patterns. Now designers, specification writers and property owners have a new instrument at their disposal for decorating roofs. The special membrane designs allow new and, until now, unforeseen possibilities. With MINERAL DESIGN, low slope and pitched roofs may be enhanced by designs of various contrasting colors, while providing excellent waterproofing qualities.

MINERAL DESIGN is a new generation of BITEC modified bitumen membrane, that is self-protected with ceramic coated roofing granules. Using colored roofing granules in conjunction with a registered patent for the design application, numerous designs and color combinations are available for aesthetically pleasing roof applications.

BITEC produces the MINERAL DESIGN products in both APP (atactic polypropylene) and SBS (styrene butadiene styrene) cap sheets to meet all application method requirements.

MINERAL DESIGN is a waterproofing membrane manufactured to the highest quality standards of BITEC, and will serve as a long-lasting waterproofing product, offering design and color to the finished roof.

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