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BITEC membranes are produced with the highest quality made-on-purpose polymers and blended with distilled asphalt, insuring consistent modification and product performance. APP and SBS modified bitumen products yield the best  flexibility, durability and workability properties of any products available.

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We use only  isotropic spun-bond polyester mat reinforced with continuous fiberglass filament for all of our polyester reinforced membranes. High strength fiberglass mat is used in  "FR" (fire-rated) products as well as in most of our Compabase modified bitumen base sheets. Both reinforcements provide excellent isotropic mechanical strength as well as puncture resistance.

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Our full line of APP and SBS modified bitumen membranes, both the cap sheet and the base sheet, are manufactured as a monolithic membrane, rather than being a laminated product that is pre-saturated with oxidized asphalt and containing high  filler content. This results in a high-quality membrane that will lay flat without wrinkles providing excellent bonding properties, which resists delimitation due to incompatibility of membrane components which results in requiring less heat and less labor to install.

BITEC modified bitumen membranes are available for application by heat welding, hot asphalt, self-adhered and cold adhesive methods.

BITEC modified bitumen membranes are not commodity roofing products. These products are produced with the highest quality materials and under strict and continuous quality control. All products meet or exceed one or more of the following ASTM Standards:

D1970, D6162, D6163, D6164, D6222 or D6223, Type I, Grade "G" or Grade "S".

These and other specific statements concerning our products may be obtained by contacting our Technical Services Department - 800.535.8597.

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