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Warranty Disclaimer

All specifications, materials, information designs and/or literature contained herein, written or conceived by the Manufacturer, are given for the sole purpose of aiding the architect, designer, roofing contractor and specification writer in preparing a system to suit various needs when using BITEC products as a roofing membrane system. BITEC does not state, infer or imply that BITEC and/or its representatives are engineers, designers or architects, and that the information contained herein is the definitive method of application, however, the specifications contained herein are minimums for proper installation and for potential Warranty issuance. BITEC merely supplies this information as a guide and accepts no responsibility for design and construction of the building, roof deck, or for use of BITEC products not within these published specifications or recommendations without prior notice. BITEC will absolutely not accept responsibility for damages to personal property or injuries to individuals before, during or after application of BITEC manufactured products. BITEC, INC. neither accepts nor recognizes any warranty other than its own. BITEC warranties are not transferable unless requested in writing from the warranty holder, and approved in writing by BITEC, INC. Approval and acceptance for warranty will only be given by BITEC Manager of Technical Services. BITEC will not issue material and labor warranties for membrane or assemblies installed over the following conditions:

Swimming pools

Interior high humidity conditions

Existing systems with wet materials

Improperly prepared existing roof surfaces

Insulations not approved by BITEC

Heated tanks

Pressurized Plenums

Freezer buildings

Cold storage buildings

Certain non-commercial buildings

Storage silos or grain warehouses

Structures with cables, struts, piping or conduits installed between the deck and roof membrane

Structures without positive drainage or with evaporative cooling systems

Plywood decks less than 12 thick

Certain lightweight insulating concrete decks without the proper venting.

Membranes under any type tile, shingles or pavers

BITEC reserves the right to amend, change, delete or revise any or all of the information, specifications, designs and materials contained herein without notice. BITEC will not make inspections on non-warranted roofs, nor will it write letters stating that it has reviewed plans, details, and/or specifications, and find the conditions acceptable for the use of its material.

General Disclaimer:
This website contains the most up-to-date- information regarding BITEC, INC. product specifications and applications. However, changes and modifications to this website and any product mentioned may be made without notice.

Fall Protection:
As with all roofing installations, it is the responsibility of the contractor or installer to provide adequate fall protection for all personnel engaged in roofing construction and/or application.

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